About Us

About Us

Sharaloore.com is a general interest platform which aims to inform, educate and entertain the public on different issues that affect people. Issues, you might say, that affect our well being.

Our target audience include the A/AB/B socio economic class in general, Teens and the Youth, Married adults and professionals, as well as retired civil servants and working class, knowledge-hungry people.


Our aim is to provide insightful and useful information in an innovative style. In the course of time, our targeted publics will make repeated visits to our site when they need valuable and exclusive information or a fresh angle to current events. Please visit daily for new materials at different intervals!

Sharalo Ore is a multi-service digital marketing agency with pay per click, web design, social media management and search engine optimization expertise. Sharalo Ore helps to improve the online presence and showcase companies worldwide through their websites and social media outlets.

Sharalo Ore began in 2014, when owner and president ABC founded the company to create interactive multimedia CD-ROMs for European companies that were used in trade shows on various continents.

In 2016, Sharalo Ore expanded its services to include the creation of stylish and functional web sites for companies around the globe. Shortly thereafter, we added search engine optimization, social media management and pay per click marketing to the services offered to clients.

With our team of talented industry professionals, Sharalo Ore has risen far above its original intentions and offers a wide range of services to assist companies with a sophisticated and modern image for today’s online market.


Sharalo Ore was recently listed under Top SEO Rankers for “Best Social Media Marketing Companies” for providing excellence for services such as traffic rank, brand reach, social media presence and client reviews. Whether large or small, our team of specialists can help your company achieve and maintain the image it craves to succeed.